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    35 years without a lost time injury or insurance claim, Saputo values safety above all.

    Dairy Brick Installation


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      SCI proudly general contracts with businesses in the food and beverage industry with an outstanding reputation. We also do general contracting as well.

      At Saputo Construction, Inc. (SCI) we truly believe in the saying, “no project is too big or too small.” Our employees put their expertise, focus and dedication into every project, regardless of size. For over 36 years we have become the industry leader for industrial construction in Southern California and beyond.

      One measure of confidence that we offer to prospective clients is our IS Network affiliation. Saputo is an ISN approved contractor, earning the prestigious “A” grade. The International Suppliers Network is a centralized resource which contains important information about every company registered within its network. ISN companies are judged on satisfaction levels, company history, and legal disputes. Because of our affiliation and rating, you can take pride in hiring Saputo Construction for your next job.

      Joe Saputo, the President of SCI, believes that America itself was built on hard work and a commitment to excellence. Joe has staffed his company with employees who reflect this same philosophy. The knowledge, energy, and efficiency contributed by these employees has been a big factor in the growth of SCI. The company goal is to continue that growth, and include even more clients within our family of satisfied customers. In order to accomplish this, we realize we have to earn your trust by continuing to provide high quality workmanship, the best customer service, and the highest standards of professionalism.

      Part of the process of earning customer trust is making sure that your project is done right, and that it’s done on time. In our tireless efforts to accomplish those goals, SCI employees are working hard on projects around the clock, 365 days a year, to ensure that critical schedules are met, and that safety standards are adhered to in every job we do.

      At SCI, we understand how important every job is to each one of our clients, and we use all our experience and dedication to accomplish your goals and objectives in the time frame specified. Our client portfolio speaks volumes for the kind of high quality we have delivered in the past, and will continue to provide in the future. We do have a particular specialty in servicing food and beverage companies, but you can have full confidence in our ability to provide the best results for your company, no matter what kind of business you’re in.

      We look forward to working with you.

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      • Dairy Brick
      • Platform
      • Maintenance Repairs
      • Structural Equipment Pad
      • Trench Drains
      • General Construction


      Project Management
      Project Management

      SCI can handle complete project management for your company, assuring that each milestone of construction is met on time.

      Framing / Drywall

      We can accomplish the complete hanging, framing, and finishing of any commercial drywall project you may have in mind.

      Epoxy Coating & Painting

      Make your flooring safer, easier to clean, and longer-lasting. Painting on roadways and parking lots can clarify directions.

      Bollards and Guard Rails

      We can repair, replace and do new installs of these protective barriers, so you can guard against accidental ramming by vehicles or forklifts.

      Epoxy Coating

      Whatever kind of industrial platforms or scaffolding you need installed, we can set it up at your facility.

      Plastic Isolation

      During construction, we make a point of installing plastic isolation systems on-site to keep all debris away from your interior spaces.


      Our roofing services include everything from preventive maintenance to full roofing removal and installation.

      Water Proofing
      Water Proofing

      We are a full-service waterproofing and roofing contractor, and we can help your company avoid costly damage from wet weather and leakage.


      Our options run the gamut from all kinds of exterior lighting to interior lighting solutions, to help accomplish your lighting objectives.


      Reliable Construction Services from Saputo

      We feel that safety is not an add-on service – it’s part of every construction job. When safety is an afterthought, it often gets overlooked, and that’s how people get hurt on the job or contamination issues can occur. Because we make safety such a priority, our employees are mindful of safe practices at all times. We have created a corporate culture of safety because our employees are valuable to us, and when employees feel valued, they always perform at their best.

      We are committed to ensuring safety at all times whether out in the field or in the office. We comply with all federal, state, county, client and company safety rules to ensure a healthy and injury free environment.

      At SCI, we’ve had 35 years without a lost time injury or insurance claim. Our team receives 10 hours of safety training per person per year. For our food and beverage customers, food safety is our top priority. Our goal is always to keep our client’s product free of any contamination and to be SQF (Safe Qualified Foods Program) minded throughout any job.

      Water Proofing for Roofs
      WHAT IS ISN?

      ISN is the global resource for helping to connect qualified contractors and suppliers with Hiring Clients around the globe. ISN supports over 500 Hiring Clients and 65,000 contractors and suppliers in more than 85 countries.

      Wall and Floor Tile

      Hiring an ISN certified contractor means you’ll be working with a contractor who has been certified for safety, insurance, and regulatory information.

      We are an ISN Network approved contractor with an “A” grade. What is ISNetwork? The International Suppliers Network is a system which logs and tracks vendors. Major companies such as General Motors often use the ISN to establish the “trustworthy” status of a new vendor, and now you can too.


      For over 35 years Saputo Construction has specialized in industrial contracting with food and beverage companies as well as general contracting for many other industrial construction projects. Our experienced team will always take time to listen to your needs so we can design, build, and deliver exactly what you require. Whether you are looking to add to your current facility or build out a brand new facility, our honed process knows just how to get the job done right.



      A successful project starts with an idea. In our planning phase, we’ll work with you on understanding the project objectives and developing a strategy for execution. We can help with feasibility studies, site selection, budgeting, regulatory planning and more. We want to get it right at the beginning so there’s no surprise later.

      Design Build Construction


      The preconstruction phase allows us to optimize all aspects of your project. This includes cost, schedule, logistics, and all-important safety. Any construction challenges are handled in this phase by our experienced team.

      General Contracting


      Our Design/Build process ensures a unified flow of design and construction from ideas and concepts to project completion. Your project manager will keep you informed all throughout the construction process as we review every step of the your job.

      Industrial Construction


      And our work doesn’t stop when the last bolt is tightened or the final finish to your flooring. SCI is proud of its work and employees and we guarantee our quality work on each and every job we do. Your new facility will be looking and running just like new for many years to come. And that’s our promise from Saputo Construction to you.


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